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"Carbon ring wisdom" universal magnetic frame series, ingenuity to create quality products

Date:2023-03-01 Author:超级管理员 Reading number:346

In the process of molecular experiments, nucleic acid extraction, library construction, hybridization capture and other processes will use magnetic bead method for nucleic acid purification, magnetic bead method for immunoprecipitation experiments such as IP, Co-IP, ChIP, etc., all of which need an efficient magnetic frame, which can not only realize the efficient magnetic bead separation of nucleic acid and protein, but also simplify the experimental operation and improve the experimental efficiency. With the popularization of magnetic beads in the separation of nucleic acids or proteins, the magnetic frame has become a necessary small tool in the laboratory.

A good magnetic frame is not only magnetic but also compact and beautiful. What other characteristics should it have? Based on the European and American industry standards, carbon ring intelligence is constantly updated and iterated, giving the market a perfect answer.

What are the characteristics of superior magnetic frame?


Strong magnetic force and fast adsorption. Customized high-standard permanent magnetic rare metal, original multi-level combined structure, super magnetic force, concentrated magnetic bead adsorption, fast and efficient separation, and the average magnetic separation time is 30 seconds. Moreover, the magnetic material is plated on the surface, which is durable and corrosion-resistant.


Effective fixation, the magnetic frame and tubular consumables are fully wrapped or semi-wrapped, which realizes the effective fixation of the tube. The tube can be easily inserted and inverted without using additional accessories such as aprons, and the liquid can be easily separated from the magnetic beads.


Multi-dimensional observation angle, the adsorption process of magnetic beads needs to observe the adsorption effect, so we use transparent materials or wide-angle visual windows to facilitate the observation of the adsorption effect of magnetic beads in the experimental process.


High strength, the frame and the base are integrally formed, which is convenient for the effective clamping of the pipe. Double insurance of material and structure ensures the maximum strength and adsorption performance of the shelf.


The position of the magnet is precisely designed, and different design standards are available for different pipe types, which ensures that the magnetic beads are far away from the bottom of the pipe after separation, and will not be absorbed when the waste liquid bottle is sucked, thus effectively reducing the waste liquid residue and the loss of magnetic beads.


Reasonable design and convenient operation. Small, light and durable. The unique material makes the magnetic frame light and durable.

96-hole magnetic frame (Mag-96A)

Clever magnetic field design enables each sample hole to be acted by two magnetic fields, which ensures the centralized adsorption effect of magnetic beads and maximizes the diameter of the magnetic source. The diameter of the magnetic source is precisely designed, which can be closely attached to the tube wall, and the double-star combined structure can exert the maximum adsorption efficiency on the magnetic beads in the tube. The surface electroplating treatment and closed design make this magnetic frame clean directly with spraying reagent, and the design is simple, which can be adapted to all kinds of PCR plates (half skirt, no skirt, full skirt, etc.).

Working volume: 1-200μl, all brands of octuplets and 96 PCR plates on the market can be applied.

24-hole magnetic frame (Mag-24A)

Double rows of 24 holes, small and light, fixed clamping position, using super magnets, concentrated magnet adsorption surface, effective magnetic separation of magnetic beads, small volume elution, improve efficiency!

Working volume: 10-2000μl, suitable for 1.5ml or 2.0ml centrifugal tubes.

8-hole magnetic frame (Mag-15A)

Simple design, practical and beautiful. Double rows of holes ensure the maximum configuration space of magnetic source; Vertical strip high-strength magnetoresistance, leading the industry in adsorption efficiency; Deep-diameter socket ensures that the shelf has a large contact surface with the pipe, which is easy to plug in and out and elastically clamped; The position and size of the magnet are finely adjusted, and a large piece of wide magnet is embedded, so that the adsorption surface of the magnet is wider, and the adsorption efficiency is ensured, which is more suitable for the adsorption operation with a working volume of 0.8~10ml.

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